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Sense used in building constraints or linear equations.

Equal class-attribute


GreaterOrEqual class-attribute

Greater than or equal.

LessOrEqual class-attribute

Less than or equal.


Exact dominance critaria.

Exact class-attribute

No resource dominance only dominance criteria on cost.

NoResourceDominance class-attribute

Dominance criteria on cost and disposable resources.


Objective function sense.

Maximize class-attribute



Not implemented for the dynamic programming or path MIP algorithms.

Minimize class-attribute



Status of the optimizations

Cutoff class-attribute

The optimization stopped due to cutoff.

Feasible class-attribute

Stopped with a feasible solution but not necessarily optimal solution.

Infeasible class-attribute

The problem is proven infeasible.

InfeasibleOrUnbounded class-attribute

The problem is infeasible or unbounded.

Interrupted class-attribute

Optimization was interrupted by user.

IterationLimit class-attribute

Stopped due to simplex iterations limit.

Loaded class-attribute

The problem is loaded. No optimization has run yet.

NodeLimit class-attribute

Stopped due to node limit.

Numeric class-attribute

Stopped due to numerical instability.

Optimal class-attribute

The problem is solved to optimality.

SolutionLimit class-attribute

Stopped due to maximum solutions found.

TimeLimit class-attribute

Stopped due to time limit.

Unbounded class-attribute

The problem is unbounded.


Variable type

Binary class-attribute

Binary variables, either 0 or 1.

Continuous class-attribute

Continuous variables.

Integer class-attribute

Integer variables.


Callback indicator to specify where in the algorithm the callback is invoked.

DPDominate class-attribute

In the dominance phase of the dynamic programming algorithm.

DPExtend class-attribute

In the extension phase of the dynamic programming algorithm.

DPInit class-attribute

In the initialization phase of the dynamic programming algorithm.

PathMIPCuts class-attribute

Apply cuts in the path MIP algorithm.

PathMIPHeuristic class-attribute

Apply primal heuristic in the path MIP algorithm.

PathMIPInit class-attribute

Generate a set of initial paths for the path MIP algorithm.

PathMIPSolution class-attribute

Evaluate a primal solution in the path MIP algorithm.

PathMIPSubproblem class-attribute

Before solving the subproblem in the path MIP algorithm.