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Flowty is a commercial product but ships with a community license that is free to use with some limitations. Browse below to identify your needs.

Commercial License

For an unrestricted commercial or 90-days trial license contact Flowty at

Academic License

If you are an academic faculty, student or staff you can apply for an unrestricted academic license by contacting Flowty at Academic licenses are valid for 1 year.

The academic license comes with limited support and no warranties.

Community License

The community license is free to use but there are limits on the problems sizes when using the path MIP or the dynamic programming algorithm. The restriction value is calculated based on the number of graphs, vertices, edges and resources added.

Community License Restriction

For graphs G\mathcal G where G(V,E,R)GG(V,E,R) \in \mathcal G is a graph with vertices VV, edges EE and resources RR then

G(V,E,R)GR(V+E)10000\sum_{G(V,E,R) \in \mathcal G} |R| \bigg ( |V| + |E| \bigg ) \leq 10000

must hold for the community license to be valid.

The community license comes with limited support and no warranties.

Startup, Non-profit Organization or Public Sector

If you fall into any of these categories please contact Flowty at to inquire for a commercial license with full capabilities including support at a discounted rate.

Activate License

When you receive your license username and license key active it on a per-model-basis using setLicenseKey.

It is good practice to not put secret keys into the code. We recommend to use environment variables and load values on run-time.

For Linux set environment variables like

export FLOWTY_USERNAME=myUsername
export FLOWTY_KEY=myKey

on Windows do

set FLOWTY_USER=myUsername
set FLOWTY_KEY=myKey

then in your program set the key

from flowty import model
import os

user = os.environ["FLOWTY_USER"]
key = os.environ["FLOWTY_KEY"]

m = Model()
m.setLicenseKey(user, key)